FleXinspect M

Designed to be a drop-in replacement for many of the older mechanical inspection machines currently installed throughout the world. The FleXinspect M provides configurable inspection functionality, modular versatility, value, and flexibility for glassmakers’ current and future requirements. Part of the FleXinspect machine family, the FleXinspect M can be used with the other FleXinspect products to create the most comprehensive inspection solution in today’s market.

Combined Inspection

The FleXinspect M gives glass manufacturers the potential to reduce the cold end footprint by combining multiple inspections within a single machine frame. The unique design of the servo-driven handling devices allows accurate reliable inspections not historically associated with rotary inspection machines.

Today's inspection solution

  • Inspection flexibility
  • Modular and configurable to meet all of your current and future inspection needs
  • Round and non-round inspection

New Infeed Design

  • Precise container control and smoother starwheel loading with 30° entry angle
  • Unique design allows users to reposition the screw if needed to have a built-in bypass
  • 'Reach over' design allows the machine to be installed on any straight section of conveyor with minimal effort

Modulated LED Check Inspection

  • Reduces good ware loss caused by ambient or reflected light
  • Long life LED emitters with 'auto checking' for damaged or unplugged hardware
  • Allows greater area of inspection coverage with fewer emitters

680mm servo driven starwheel

  • Configured with 12/24 inspection pockets
  • Up to 66mm dia. in 24 pocket with 7 stations
  • Up to 120mm dia. in 12 pocket with 7 stations OR
  • Configured with 9/18 inspection pockets (Veritas tooling)
  • Up to 83mm dia. in 18 pocket with 5 stations
  • Up to 120mm dia. in 9 pocket with 5 stations

Standard Inspections

  • Mechanical plug
  • Mechanical ring
  • Mechanical dip/saddle/height
  • Check inspection with modulated lights and sensors
  • Heel dot code mold reader for defect correlation

Additional Inspections

  • Base
  • Base stress
  • High resolution sealing surface / wire edge
  • Bottom code vision mold reader for defect correlation
  • Wall thickness measurement (4 elevations)
  • Vision check

Container Range

The FleXinspect M can inspect round and non-round containers with heights from 38mm (21mm at the shoulder) up to 350mm tall, and container diameters from 16mm to 120mm.