FleXinspect T

A reliable and uniquely configurable platform that easily allows additional inspection functionality and redundancy as needed. The FleXinspect T provides unmatched modular versatility, value, and flexibility for glassmakers’ current and future requirements. As a component of the FleXinspect family, the FleXinspect T can be used in concert with the FleXinspect BC to create the most comprehensive inspection solution in today's market.

A Total Inspection Solution

The FleXinspect T gives glass manufacturers a Total Inspection Solution, as the fully equipped system is capable of providing all the necessary cold end inspections. The unique design of the servo-driven handling devices allows inspections that in the past were not possible with rotary inspection machines.

Great Benefits

  • Reduced line space and maintenance
  • Higher speeds and larger ware
  • 840 mm servo driven starwheel
  • Non contact vision gauging (plug, ring, dip)

Reduced Line Space and Maintenance

  • Multi function configurations reduce the total number of machines per inspection leg
  • High speed machinery reduces the number of inspection legs per forming line
  • Significant maintenance and labor savings due to fewer inspection machines in the production area

Higher Speeds and Larger Ware

  • New starwheel design allows for higher speeds on large diameters containers.
  • Flexible starwheel pocket configurations to maximize throughput (BPM)
  • Synchronized servo technologies to optimize overall machine efficiency

840mm servo driven starwheel

  • Configured with 9/12/18/24/30/36 inspection pockets
  • Up to 79mm dia. in 24 pocket with 12 stations
  • Up to 107mm dia. in 18 pocket with 10 stations
  • Up to 152 mm dia. in 12 pocket with 7 stations
  • Up to 160mm dia. in9 pocket with 5 stations

Non-contact Vision Gauging (Plug, Ring, Dip)

  • Elimination of possible contamination or damage to the finish
  • High speed operation with improved accuracy
  • Simple and quick setup

Standard Inspections

  • Vision Plug
  • Vision Ring
  • Vision Dip/Saddle
  • Check Inspection with modulated lights and sensors
  • Heel dot code mold number for defect correlation

Additional Inspections

  • Mechanical Plug/Ring
  • Mechanical Dip/Saddle
  • Base / Base stress
  • Sidewall opaque / Sidewall stress
  • Bottm mold code reader (alpha dots)
  • Wall thickness measurement (chromatic light)
  • Non-contact 2 point out of round (ovality)
  • Dimensional (lean, height, diameters)
  • Vision check

Container Range & Line Speed

The FleXinspect T inspects round and non-round containers with heights from 38mm (21mm minimum shoulder height) to 381mm diameters from 16mm to 170mm. The FleXinspect T is designed to operate at speeds up to 400 BPM depending on container shape and size.