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How glass containers are made

Since glass-container production began to be automated in the early 20th century, huge advances in automation, efficiency and inspection have been made – many as a direct result of innovations made by Emhart Glass.

How glass containers are made


Stronger Together

Bucher Emhart Glass, the market leader in container glass manufacturing and inspection technologies, has announced a philosophy based on being ‘stronger together’. 

stronger together

Customer and Supplier Portal

The Bucher Emhart Glass Portal & Webshop

To increase customer satisfaction and customer interaction the Bucher Emhart Glass customer and supplier portal can be provided. It is the best way to enhance the communication with all business partners. Giving both a brief as well as a detailed overview of the different interactions, it is a great tool to manage the business. Different individual needs and solutions are combined in this web based portal.  A clear invoice and order status next to special reports, inquiries and an order calendar are some of the beneficial tools and key features. Customer Portal Bucher Emhart Glass


24 hours Hotline

For emergencies, please call our 24-Hours Emergency Number.

+41 41 749 41 41 (worldwide)
+1 860 298 73 91 (USA & Americas)

The 24 Hours Emergency Number provides emergency assistance in English. You are first asked if it is a Hot End or Cold End issue and a brief description of the problem. Then you are connected to an experienced service engineer for phone assistance. In case the issue requires an on-site service trip, one of our service coordinators is going to schedule a service intervention with you. 

Customer Service

Global Quality

Quality Management System

With customer satisfaction being a primary goal of Bucher Emhart Glass, 2013 is a year where the Global Quality organisation is focussing not only on 'what we do' but 'how we do it'. The organisations quality management system is in the process of having a complete overhaul with the drive for quality process responsiveness, standardization, transparency as well as globalization being our focus to enable this goal to be a reality. With customer satisfaction being at the center of the development, the quality systems are being stripped back to the basics and rebuilt to enable long term success.

Global Quality